+381 64 333 00 40

 +381 64 333 00 40

 +381 64 333 00 40


Thanks to todays technology you do not have to come at the first examination , it is enough to send me an email with the subject that interests you. You can contact me via Viber, message or picture.

    Virtual view

    You can contact me by email, send me your photographs, and write your problems and desires. I’ll try to explain the operation, and you’ll get your price, hospital stay, or some other answers, regarding the subject you’re interested in.

    This method is particularly suitable because we both can read the questions and answers in time before and after the surgery, and compare results with the promises 🙂


    Classical examination

    If you prefer the usual meet and interview , an exam will be carried out in Belgrade, inour hospital


    Operations are performed in Belgrade, in “Una” hospital
    Address the hospital: Vojvode Skopljana 19, Dusanovac, Belgrade
    Usually it is necessary to schedule the procedure at least two weeks earlier, because of the constant term occupancy.