Breast augmentation is the most common operation in my practice. I do over 80 of them per year. In my work I use Mentor and Polytech implants and dual-plane is the way I usually do the procedure.

You make your own choice of implant size, type and shape, by using a great scope of external demo implants in front of a mirror at the pre-operative control.

I personally give an advantage to anatomical implants over the round ones. Polyurethane implants are very trendy now, but they are also every surgeon’s nightmare. However, I use these implants most frequently because they are very beneficial for the patients.

On operation day at the clinic we do all the analyses, which are included in the procedure price.

You stay one night at the clinic and the next day you get a compression bra and go home.

There are two things that you must know:

  1. If you are considering breast enlargement, it doesn’t mean you’re weird, an outcast, or unconfident, it means you’re willing to look better
  2. I will be with you every step of the way. (and it’s not easy)

Let’s go together now…



Breast augmentation alone PREIS
round implants 2700€
Teardrop shaped Polytech Replicon implants, silicone 2700€
Teardrop shaped Mentor CPG implants or Polytech Diagon Gel4two silicone implants 2900€
Teardrop shaped Replicon implants, micropolyurethane 3000€
Teardrop shaped Polytech Diagon Gel4two, micropolyurethane 3300€

All prices include surgery, necessary anesthesia, implants, hospital stay, postoperative controls.

Preoperative preparation for surgery consisting of laboratory analyses, cardiovascular examination is included in the quoted prices.

You wouldn’t be charged extra should it happen that, under special circumstances, a more complicated operation was needed.