My name is Igor Maljković. I was born in 1972. I graduated at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 1997 with 9,25 average grade. I finished the specialization in plastic surgery at the VMA in Belgrade in the period 2001-2006 and passed the exam with an excellent grade (5).

In the first few years of the specialization training I was predominantly going in for reconstructive surgery and I was trying to introduce breast reconstruction surgery in one ‘’small’ hospital in the provincial Serbian town. Having not found an adequate response from the ‘’superiors’’, I slowly switched to aesthetic surgery, which is something I’m mainly dealing with right now.

Since the price issue is always present, my goal is to make aesthetic surgery available even to those people who are not TV stars or sportsmen, although the latter are frequent and gladly seen guests.


So far I have performed over 2,500 operations in the field:

plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Certificates & Licenses

It’s difficult to find a woman who is completely satisfied with every part of her body and face.

The latest studies show that even 90% of them are ready and willing to visit a plastic surgeon.