It is the most commonly done operation by my colleagues in America. Here in Serbia it is the third most common surgery, and it has a great chance to overtake even rhinoplasty. Modern, ‘’super wet’’ liposuction is a safe and highly effective procedure which is performed with micro-cannulas that minimally traumatize the tissue. In one act I remove up to 4000 ml of fat tissue, which visually gives an impression of far greater weight loss than a diet. You spend one day in hospital, and after operation you get compression clothes which you have to wear for a month.


Liposuction 4000ml of fat tissue under general anesthesia 2600€

All prices include surgery, required anesthesia, implants, hospital stay, postoperative control.

Preparation for surgery can be done by us, consisting of laboratory analysis, review by a cardiologist and is included in that price.

You’ll never be an additional surcharge if required because of the special situation is made more extensive and more complex operations than agreed.