Sandy11 – how I enlarged my breasts

Sandy11 is a girl that dared to make her dream come true and enlarge breasts. This is her experience published on plastic-surgeon forum:1179

Giiiiirrrrrllllsssssssssss I made my dream come true! I underwent surgery tonight, doctor Igor Maljkovic, who I saw on television B92 peformed it. I’ve been put 325cc dual plane, they look nice, big. Surgery was yesterday around 6 p.m. and now I am home, pain is nothing much! Price is good, and serviceeeeeee… Ask anything you want! Hi to all the girls!”

I have seen the doctor for the first time on TV, in a coverage on B92. Surgeon who performed microsurgery of breast made both me and my mother feel confident. My mother like any other mother was terrified when thinking about surgery, but she recommended him. After the first examinatin I was sure that he is my choice. Before the surgery I had beautiful but small breasts and I always wanted bigger ones and I clearly told him so. Also, I already decided which implants I wanted.

Doctor had a friendly approach, I felt free to call him whenever I had some doubts and concerns, both before and after the surgery. Not that much time had passed since the first examination and I soon found myself on a surgical table.

And then… the most beautiful feeling, I wake up and doctor tells me that everything went well and I become aware that my biggest wish became true. Just quick look at my breasts and I could see that new looks RULES! This is the word I repeated for like 100 times during the next day.

Pains were more and more bearable, and I really expect I will feel much worse. I could normally walk, even to to most of things, except to lift up my hands. On the tenths day I could iron, vacumclean, do my work. Before all that I took a walk through the town

Everything became different since then, I have more self-confidence (I am not saying that I did not have it before), everything I used to hat-to try on a bra, by swimming suit, I know do with joy and most importantly, I never felt any regret, not even for a moment, I live my old life in one completely new way, nicer, better!

My breasts caused much attention, comments and compliments. Everyone says that they are completely harmonious with my body and perfect, and those who know that they are silicones say also that they are perfectly done. My boyfriend sometimes complains when I wear cleavage, which he didn’t mind earlier. Due to numerous obligations I haven’t gone to check ups, because I felt great from the day one, thus the doctor hasn’t almost seen me after the surgery, but we keep in touch via SMS, that I from time to time send him.

When I look back on pre-operative period, travelling from home to hospital, I don’t remember being nervous, under stress (and believe me I was). Instead, I remember conversations between doctor and me, about family, my college, his professional specialization… I was somehow sure and without worries. When you feel like that before something so important, then you know you made the right choice! Good luck!

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