Surgery for flat belly

Flat belly with strong muscles and firm skin is something we all wish for and achieve with exercising and proper diet. Unfortunately, all of this does not always give desired result and then aesthetic surgeon needs to be involved.


Usual causes leading to loss of abdominal wall tonus are pregnancy and rapid loss of weight, but heritage factor also plays significant role, as well as previous surgeries do. Due to all above-mentioned belly is often convex-like, with significant excess skin that hangs in a form of a sack and it is often accompanied with stretch marks, scars from previous surgeries and diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation- separation of abdominal muscle).

Procedure that corrects all this is called abdominoplasty or dermolipectomy, and in English speaking area it is popularly called “tummy tuck”. Due to general similarity with wrinkle removal it is also called “body lift”. This is a perfect surgery for someone who does not smoke and has stabile body mass. Results are permanent and repeated procedure is not usual.

Abdominoplasty neither replaces diet and training program nor does it completely remove stretch marks, even though it significantly decreases them. I personally always advise that three months after the surgery patient continues with training in order to maintain good body appearance.

There are several types of abdominoplasty, but they all have in common removal of stretched belly skin, fixing and connecting separated abdominal muscles and forming of new navel, with scar planned in such a way to enable going to the beach in bikini. This surgery is often combined with liposuction or correction of excess skin on arms or legs. Great number of approaches has been described as well as methods of skin elevation, navel forming but only one thing is important- final appearance that must be perfect.

Result of surgery is immediately visible, but patients are usually told that recovery lasts for about two weeks and that all physical activities may be performed 4-6 weeks later. Belly is immediately firm, flat with tight and beautiful skin, waist is emphasized and entire body figure is more harmonious. It is necessary to wear compressive waistband after the surgery, and after removal of stitches, patients are advised to use anti-scar cream.

This is the surgery in which I get surprised over and over again with appearance and thrill of patients at the first check up. Then I usually hear stories about how 10 or more years have passed since their last time on the beach, how everything was always more important, how they waited for children to grow up, for everything to ‘fall into place”, but one sentence remains mutual to all of them – “I should have done this much earlier!”

Even though I wrote this while addressing to women, the fact is that popularity of this surgery is increasing in men, and it represents necessary part of correction of appearance after big weight loss.

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  1. Mirjana - 11.12.2013. Reply

    Cao da li boli stomak posle operacije

    • drmaljkovic - 11.12.2013. Reply

      Bol kod ove operacije nije naročito veliki, u prodjenju sa npr operacijom grudi.

  2. Sandra - 11.09.2012. Reply

    Meni juce niste radili abdominoplastiku ali ovo sto ste uradili je SJAJNO . Dogovorili smo se jedno a uradili ste 3 x vise ! HVALA,HVALA,HVALA :-*
    I stomak,i jahace , i kukove i stomak :-)))))

    Jutros na previjanju i ovako modra i malo naduvena sam se sebi svidela jer sam videla svoju novu konturu tela !! HVALA VAM . Nestrpljiva sam da prodje par meseci dok koza i telo odrade svoj deo posla…

    Sa uzivanjem dolazim na skidanje konaca 😀

    VELIKi pozdrav od muzica i mene za CELU ekipu ! KISS


    • drmaljkovic - 11.09.2012. Reply

      Hvala najlepše!
      Zbog ovakvih trenutaka je ovo najlepši posao na svetu!
      Ne možete ni zamisliti kako ste blistali jutros na previjanju, kad ste se videli bez zavoja. Jedva čekam da Vas vidim u novoj garderobi! A mužić (koji je kao i Vi pobrao sve simpatije osoblja) da počne da se navikava na mini suknjice i skinny jeans!
      Veliki pozdrav iz Bora, od mene i ekipe!

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