Do your homework: your choice of an aesthetic surgeon

If you are considering having any type of aesthetic operation or plan to correct facial wrinkles and folds with botox or fillers, I advise you to do your homework first…

  1. Contact a plastic surgery specialist who does predominantly aesthetic surgery and has a valid working license.
  2. Talk to him/her, make an appointment and have a checkup. Listen and ask him/her questions.
  3. Check what kind of substances and implants he/she uses and whether they are all approved for consumption. See if their expiration date is still valid.
  4. Always ask a doctor about his/her gained experience and education on the desired operation.
  5. Take a good look at the health institution itself. It can be an ordination, policlinic, special or general hospital. Unless you are satisfied with its appearance, hygiene, arrangement and the staff, you should ask yourself whether you have come to the right place.
  6. You should have in mind that there would be always someone who would do what you want for a cheaper price. Don’t let the cheapest price be the only guideline, try checking forums and websites that deal with aesthetic surgery as well.

Filler injections are thought to be rather trivial, but you should take into consideration the possible complications that might occur due to a misinjection of the filler into the blood vessel. Besides bad appearance, there could be some bad complications as well. For that reason you should always choose an aesthetic surgeon or a specially educated dermatologist and ensure that the operation is done exclusively in a health institution, and by no means in a cosmetic or hairdressing salon. Injection of fillers, among which hyaluronic acid is the most common, is not the same as getting a hairstyle or permanent makeup, it is something that should never be taken lightly.

More complicated operations mean more demands for the whole working team, which is why multiple procedures of face and body corrections can be only done in special institutions that constantly have this type of patients and enough staff to provide an adequate care.

Why is it important that the operation is done by an aesthetic surgeon with a license in a health institution?

  • It proves that the doctor is someone who studied at the faculty for 6 years, passed all the exams and finished the specialization, who knows face and body anatomy well, who will also be apt to recognize all the unwanted reactions during the procedure and be capable to cure them adequately.
  • It ensures you that the doctor will follow a code of ethics and won’t let his license and reputation be endangered by using forbidden substances or implanted materials.
  • A valid license proves that the doctor is regularly renewing his knowledge during continuous education on a yearly basis.
  • Patient safety is of utmost importance, and the safest way is to have every procedure done in health institution, whether it is an ordination, special hospital or clinic which is accredited, registered and has all the necessary working licenses.

All the aforementioned facts reduce the potential complications, operation and procedure side-effects to a minimum, so that after the operation the patient leaves the hospital looking good, happy and healthy.

If you have any question or a comment regarding this text, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or my phone number.

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  1. Jovanka - 28.03.2019. Reply

    Pre 2 godine sam se odlucila na povećanje usana,doktor koji mi je to uradio je rekao da ubrizgava hijaluron,medjutim,malo posle intervencije su mi se pojavile kuglice koje šetaju na mestima gde mi je to nešto ubrizgano… kada sam otišla na konsultaciju kod drugog doktora,ispostavilo se da je to sasvim neka druga supstanca. Nakon toga sam se obratila doktoru koji mi je to uradio i njegov predlog je bio da mi ubrizga u usne nesto sto će mi brze apsorbovati navodni hijaluron i vratiti usne u prirodni oblik. Moje pitanje je,šta može da mi ubrizga i koliko je to dobro ili nije? Takodje me zanima,kada bih se odlucila za stavljanje botoxa,koju vrstu ili na šta treba da obratim pažnju? P.S. Doktor je specijalista u svojoj struci koji je jako često po seminarima i usavršavanju,ima svoju polikliniku i kako mogu da znam koju tačno supstancu treba da mi stavi za apsorbaciju u usne ili koju marku,ako to postoji,i botoxa,koja je je adekvatna?
    Srdačan pozdrav

    • dr Maljkovic - 30.03.2019. Reply


      niste rekli na osnovu čega je drugi doktor identifikovao supstancu. Na tržištu postoji preparat – enzim hijaluronidaza koji razgrađuje hijaluronsku kiselinu i uklanja je iz tkiva. Sva ta pitanja obavezno postavite doktoru koji Vam to radi. Takođe, trebali ste dobiti nalepnicu sa nazivom preparata i serijskim brojem na izveštaju kad ste tretman radili.
      Ista stvar je i sa botoksom. Tražite da pogledate flašicu sa preparatom i pitajte da li je legalno na tržištu.

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